Connaissez-vous bien votre Clémence?

2020 | 5 Episodes | Nano-Documentary

Simon Boulerice, Sophie Day, Kathleen Fortin, Bruno Pelletier, Catherine Major, Ranee Lee, Etienne Dupuis

In this both entertaining and informative web-series, Simon Boulerice and Sophie Day dig into the meanings and makings of her critically acclaimed album Clémence, a tribute to the great Quebec poet Clemence DesRochers. Each episode is accompanied by a full studio session video performance of the songs discussed.

La ville depuis

EP1 | Nov 10, 2020 | 7:11
Guest Artist: Bruno Pelletier

Simon and Sophie look into the making of this whole new version of Clemence DesRocher’s song “La ville depuis” with special guest Bruno Pelletier, one one Quebec’s most influential male pop vocalists.

La ville depuis - Performance

EP1B | Nov 10, 2020 | 3:42
Guest Artist: Bruno Pelletier

Watch Sophie Day with special guest Bruno Pelletier as they deliver a masterful studio performance of Clemence DesRochers song "La ville depuis".

L’homme de ma vie

EP2 | Nov 17, 2020 | 8:34
Guest Artist: Kathleen Fortin

Simon, Sophie Day and Kathleen Fortin discuss their mystical approach to their version of L'Homme de ma vie and some of the influences leading up to this epic performance.

L’homme de ma vie - Performance

EP2B | Nov 17, 2020 | 4:59
Guest Artist: Kathleen Fortin

Sophie Day and her guest, Kathleen Fortin, takes us for a ride into the secret place of one of Quebec's greatest poets. Here is their version of "L'homme de ma vie" by Clémence DesRochers. Featuring Isabeau Proulx-Lemire.

Deux vieilles

EP3 | Nov 24, 2020 | 7:04
Guest Artist: Catherine Major

Catherine Major and Sophie Day make a candid confession to Simon Boulerice as they talk about their new version of Clemence's groundbreaking song, Deux vielles.

Deux vieilles - Performance

EP3B | Nov 24, 2020 | 4:10
Guest Artist: Catherine Major

Sophie Day and Catherine Major sings with passion and depth their version of this very great song of Clémence, Deux vieilles.

On a eu un bien bel été

EP4 | Dec 1, 2020 | 6:56
Guest Artist: Ranee Lee

Simon gets intrigued by Ranee Lee's incredible scat singing on Sophie Day's wonderfully playful (and ironic) version of this song of summer.

On a eu un bien bel été - Performance

EP4B | Dec 1, 2020 | 4:04
Guest Artist: Ranee Lee

Discover how Sophie Day and Ranee Lee breathe a new life (jazz!) into this marvelous Clémence DesRochers song.

Ça sent l’printemps and Le géant

EP5 | Dec 8, 2020 | 7:47
Guest Artist: Étienne Dupuis

Etienne joins Simon and Sophie all the way from Paris for an engaging discussion on their unexpected performance of Ça sent l’printemps.

Ça sent l’printemps - Performance

EP5B | Dec 8, 2020 |
Guest Artist: Étienne Dupuis

Spring, which we all eagerly await after this pandemic which is beginning to "freeze our hearts". On the music of the great André Gagnon who left us last week ...

Le géant - Performance

EP5C | Dec 8, 2020 | 5:53
Guest Artist: Étienne Dupuis

This performance of Clémence DesRochers son, Le Géant, is sure to give you goosebumps.